enero 1, 2009

Someone’s waiting to fly with me
Someone’s saying goodbye everytime she says hello
Cuz they both connect no one with somebody
I’m floating down this airstream
I’m floating and it’s every dream I’ve ever had
And I’m so happy and sad
Cuz they both connect me with when
I’d never been a body
Every house is a frame
Anything real has a brain
We talk ourselves out of it
But I’ve reconsidered it and I’m convinced
Everywhere I look has a face
Everyone who has lived has a place
Right here’s every world
Every time draws a line to right now
Hold and turn the infinite
Someone’s taking me all over out there


Alguien Está…

Alguien está esperando para volar conmigo
Alguien está diciendo “Adiós” cada vez que ella dice “Hola”
Porque ambos conectan a nadie con alguien
Estoy flotando en esta corriente de aire
Estoy flotando, y es cada sueño que he tenido
Y estoy tan feliz y triste
Porque ambos me conectan con el “cuándo”
Nunca había sido un cuerpo
Cada casa es un marco
Cualquier cosa real tiene un cerebro
Nos disuadimos de ello
Pero lo he reconsiderado y estoy convencido
Cada lugar que veo tiene una cara
Toda el que ha vivido tiene un lugar
Aquí mismo está cada mundo
Cada vez dibuja una línea hasta este momento
Sostiene y voltea al infinito
Alguien me está llevando por allí.

2 comentarios

  1. Hi! My Spannish is not very good but I see you change the meanings of John’s texts quite a lot… I don’t know if it’s intentional or not… But it disturbs me. Some corrections:

    Someone’s = Someone is (singular)
    but you wrote “Algunos estan” (plural)

    so the she/ella is probably the same person as “someone” in “Someone’s saying goodbye everytime she says hello”. In your Spannish text that’s not possible.

    “Estoy planeando en esta correntada
    Estoy flotando, y en cada sueño que he tenido
    Estoy tan feliz y triste”

    -John has floating on both lines, you use 2 different verbs.
    -John says the airstream is every dream of his and then he says he’s so happy and sad. They are two different things! He doesn’t say he’s happy or sad in a dream.

    “Porque ambos se conectan conmigo cuando yo
    nunca había _visto_ un cuerpo”

    BEEN a body. not “SEEN a body”. huge difference!

    “Sostiene y _activa_ el infinito
    Algunos me están _hablando_ por allí.”

    it’s TURN the infinite, not TURN ON. turn would be something like ‘volver’.

    TAKING, not TALKING. man, pay some attention…

    • I accept the mistakes, but maybe you don’t “pay attention” to what I’m saying since I created this blog: When I translated the lyrics, I didn’t use the same web sites as the original (in english) lyrics. And the problem was that those lyrics were wrong in many opportunities, like this one. Despite this problem, I tried to correct this kind of mistakes, but I didn’t (and I don’t) have the time to check the entire blog. Is this reason for what I’m very grateful for those who try to help me to correct those mistakes, and to change any line which I could have translated wrong.
      I repeat: I accept my mistakes, but don’t be agressive, man.

      PS. I will correct this later. I’m really busy now.


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